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4 Wrong Computer Literate

In our past experience, we do face lot of “computer literate person”, sometime their expertise will make them buy wrong system.

So, what is the 4 wrong computer literate person

First, they know computer brand well instead of the content & technical part, they like to compare the price only since they already knew the computer brand. This is an end consumer way, consumer way won’t care about services & support. They only expect lowest can do all.

Second, their friend using “System/Software A” for their business perfectly. So they don’t know the details of the system, what the system can do and cannot do. They also don’t know the problems facing by their friend.

Thirdly, they think they can operate the system well since they already know Windows 10, they won’t listen to our advice. We just want to share our past experience in implementing system to them and help them perform a good & expandable planning.

Fourth, they just know to compare cost of system, getting cheapest system for their business, forget about the “completeness” and “effectiveness”. At the end, higher cost, higher manpower, higher time consuming.

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